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Cincinnati Dance Lessons for Cincinnati Weddings
The most popular dance teacher in the Cincinnati area: Bud Walters

cincinnati dance studioMany brides have picked Bud Walters, longtime Cincinnati actor and dance teacher, because of his attention to all the details that will make your first dance together as husband and wife really beautiful. He can provide a simple choreography, or series of steps that you memorize and repeat, to make you look good on the dance floor. He can provide instructions for dancing at the reception, including how to involve members of the bridal party and guests.

Here's a great idea: many brides have scheduled group lessons for the entire bridal party! The guests really love it and it makes your wedding more memorable than any other they have ever been to!

But don't wait until the last minute. Give yourself at least five lessons about three months before the wedding. Bring your father to his studio for some simple instruction and make your Father/Daughter dance really special. With help from Bud Walters, you will glide out onto the dance floor with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect from your partner, your bridal party, and your musicians.


Contact Bud Walters:  
ballroom dancing by bud waltersBallroom Dancing by Bud Walters
1547 Spring Lawn Avenue • Cincinnati, OH 45223
Phone: 513.542.4064 •